About Us

We are a company committed to innovation that provides a total service for the design and manufacture of electronic circuits (EMS), including complete supply chain solutions for world-leading industrial and technological companies.

We have strong alliances both locally and internationally.. This strategic network provides our customers with the flexibility necessary to respond to changes in the market.

Our production system yields indexes of functionality and reliability according to international standards.
Our philosophy lies in being a supplier and strategic ally, bringing the solutions to each problem; as product improvements, reengineering and process optimization.
We are an interdisciplinary, trained and trained work team; committed to the challenges and aligned with the objectives and strategy of the company. We do not seek to imitate past businesses; We aspire to new synergistic experiences around innovative and different purposes.
The most demanding markets require the same level of excellence in their products. These are the target audience of our company to bring you a dedicated solution.

Mission - Vision - Values


We are an organization of responsible, involved and committed people to our Project, with advanced technological knowledge, innovating in development, validation, manufacture and maintenance of electronic products. We have the objective to serve our customers.


We aim to be benchmark in providing higher value-added services in the electronics sector to customers from different sectors by supporting the well-being of society and the sustainability of our Company.

  • Teamwork
  • Customer Oriented
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Outstanding Management

The foundations of our management model

  • Our management model is based on trust as the key element in business processes.
  • Our company VALUES, developed over 25 years of business experience, never lapse and are used as the basis of all our activity.
  • Development of the company VALUES, and the abilities they generate.
  • Our VALUES must be developed, lived, shared and transferred throughout the whole Organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Internal recycling program for industrial and electronic waste

  • Internal donation program for: plastics, cardboard, paper and metal

  • Collaboration with universities and zonal schools


Product & Services

OUTSOURCE offers 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic products. We offer a qualified team and manufacturing facilities with the latest machinery and equipment that guarantee the strictest levels of quality.

OUTSOURCE offers flexible manufacturing lines and means adapting to the manufacture of small and large series.

Our Quality and Continuous Improvement Policy allows to optimize processes with the aim of offering high standards of quality and reliability.


  • IPC-610.
  • ESD protected facilities.
Stage 1
Receipt and Inspection of Materials (component traceability)

Inspection of all references purchased. Control of entry by batch, traceability and FIFO system.

Stage 2
SMT Assembly Lines

Serigraphy: 100% accuracy in depositing solder paste at soldering points (Vision 2D with 1,700 mega pixels).

Pick and Place machines LQFP, BGAs, Fine pitch components of up to 0.4 mm and chips of up to 0201 in size.

Assembly on flexible circuits and pin in paste.

10 zone reflow oven. Unleaded soldering (RoHS). Thermal profile control based on analysis.

AOI: Automatic inspection of all circuits.

X-ray inspection for parts with hidden soldering (BGAs, QFNs).

Stage 3
THT Assembly Lines

PTH assembly of components.

Soldering machines. Unleaded soldering (RoHS). Thermal profile control based on analysis.

Selective soldering (RoHS – No RoHS).

AOI: Automatic inspection of all circuits.

Stage 4
Test Systems (ICT) // Functional test

ICt systems dedicated for each product

Microcontrollers pragramming

Stage 5
Automatic Circuit Depaneling

High precision automatic depaneling lines, adaptable for small or large series.

Stage 6
Circuit Wash Cycle

Washing machine (clean, pre-rinse, rinse and dry). Capable of eliminating ionic pollution.

Stage 7

Dispensing, applying and curing silicones, polyurethanes and varnishes so your product can withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.

Development of adequate input

Stage 8
Box building

We develop and process the manufacturing and quality control of mechanical parts with different finishes (plastic, metal, etc.) for perfect electronic coupling.

Stage 9

The process culminates with the correct packaging of the products, in antistatic materials, in order to reach the customer in the appropriate functionality conditions.

Supply Chain Services:

In OUTSOURCE we have opted for excellence as a partner in supply chain management to try to reach the highest level of service with the lowest possible global cost in terms of inventory. In OUTSOURCE, with the help of different tools, we plan the demand and manage the stock / service binomial.

In OUTSOURCE, we manage orders and forecasts with INPUTS as:

  • Product delivery time.
  • Requested delivery date.
  • Level of service required by customers.
  • Lead time of components.
  • Supplier service level.
  • ABC classification of the components.
  • Minimum amount of order.
  • Manufacturing lot.

Good forecast management allows us to achieve an excellent level of service, optimizing inventories and minimizing obsolete ones.

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